In honor of the era that encompassed the rebirth of knowledge, art, and science: a time of great explorations, when artists became scientists, and scientists became artists, embracing the beauty of interconnected disciplines. Today, Renaissance 2.0 marks a resurgence of creativity and innovation, driven by human-centric technology. The fusion of 3D perspective and connectivity reshaped the boundaries of reality: SPIN.FASHION is making it a true reality.


RENAISSANCE 2.0 x PETER YEE x K11 MUSEA 29 March - 25 April 2024

RENAISSANCE 2.0 x PETER YEE x K11 MUSEA 29 March - 25 April 2024

Introducing the hidden design maestro: Peter Yee's First Solo Phygital Exhibition at K11 Musea During Art Basel Hong Kong

Peter Yee, the hidden design maestro behind the scenes of Oakley's glory days, developed numerous iconic designs that defined the aesthetics of 90s and 00s culture. From March 29 to April 25, 2024, Peter debuts his first solo phygital exhibit at K11 Musea in Hong Kong, showing never-before-seen sketches, prototypes, and limited-edition eyewear and watches from the golden age of Oakley powered by SPIN.FASHION.

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Art Basel Goes ‘Phygital’ in Paris with SPIN: Transforming the City of Paris into an Augmented Gallery Experience

From October 18th to 22nd, SPIN.FASHION joins forces with Paris+ par Art Basel to unveil the world of Phygital Art: SPIN presents Renaissance 2.0, augmenting Past, Present and Future with Korean Artist Camelostrich. Visitors will be able to exhibit artworks in immersive 3D, the streets of Paris are turning into an expansive art gallery, where artworks come to life in Augmented Reality (AR).

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